Living With A Creative Mind

Last year I came across a book that I have now given away once and ordered again – Living With A Creative Mind, by Jeff and Julie Crabtree. There are many stereotypes about the “artist personality”…and many of them are accurate. But stereotypes tend to alienate rather than humanize. What I appreciate about the Crabtrees’ insights is that they cast a new narrative for creatives. They help us understand that the way that artists operate is a gift to culture – if we can learn how to live healthy creative lives. My hope is that this and subsequent readings from this collection ring true with our artists, and help our church liaisons understand better how to care for those of us “artist types.”

Blessings in your reading and creating.


Read Chapter 1 Here: Living with a Creative Mind- Creativity


For Reflection:

  • Artists: Did Crabtree’s understanding(s) of creativity ring true? Why or why not?
  • Church Liaisons: What insights have you gained about the creative process, or about caring for artists in your communities?
  • Why do you think we/society stereotype artists? Is this a benefit or a liability?


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