Wonder. Heartbreak. Hope.

Discovering the importance of the arts in God’s Story – and our stories – by cultivating reconciliatory relationships between artists and churches.



The mission of the Cascadia Residency is to cultivate generative relationships between artists and ministry leaders who are mutually dedicated to the artistic renewal of Cascadia and its churches.

We seek to fulfill this mission through a nine-month learning and working community of artists, church leaders, and patrons. The program includes a series of short retreats and a two-week artist residency, allowing opportunities for theological education, vocational encouragement, art-making, and deep relationship for artists, churches, and patrons; and ultimately for the cultural and creative growth of Cascadia.

The Residency will bring together a community of five artists and five churches from the regions of Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, BC, for its second year of programming beginning in September 2017. Artists may apply online through the application link above. Churches will be recruited through March 2017.

Cascadia Values

Community – We value the development of a generative community of artists, pastors, and patrons for the life of the Church and Cascadia.

Vocation – We value both the  spiritual discernment of the Artist’s call within the mission of God and the practical empowerment of that  call into the world.

Faith – We value the theological exploration of how our creative work participates in the creative work of God through the grace of Jesus Christ.

How to Join the Journey

The residency cultivates these values through three educational tracks.

  • The Artist Track
    The artist track provides emerging artists with a transformative working and learning community designed to equip artists with the practical, relational, and theological resources they need to flourish in their creative vocations.
  • The Pastor Track
    The pastor track provides ministry leaders with robust understanding of the theological value and transformative potential of the arts for our personal, corporate, and public lives; both inside and outside the walls of the church.
  • The Church Track
    The church track provides individualized consulting opportunities for churches who are interested in developing arts ministries.

Want to join the movement as an individual patron of the arts in Cascadia? Consider becoming a Cascadia Patron.